The Dangers on I-45, Towards Galveston, TX

I’ve driven down to Galveston Beach many times in my life as a Houstonian and one thing I can say is that 18 Wheeler Trucks are often among the travelers we wiz by as we make our way to Galveston, TX. I remember one summer back in 2005 when me a friend of mine named Miguel Acosta had business to tend to on the island.

Our Trip To Galveston, TX

On our way to the island we ended up backed in traffic on a day and time of day where there should have been no traffic. I think it was about 1pm in the afternoon, just after lunch and hours away from rushhour, when we can stuck in a massive backlog of vehicle traffic that was conveniently headed in the direction in which we were traveling.

Traffic on Interstate 45

We had absolutely no idea why the hell the traffic was backed up (my frustration permeates) until we turned on the radio. We heard it on the 740 news, “Galveston Bound Trucker Believed to be Intoxicated, Causing Major Accident and Traffic Backups”.

I knew a lawyer that was proud to practice DWI defense in Galveston and he told us that truck wrecks on I-45 was not an uncommon event. In fact, when a small percentage of truckers are on their final approach to Galveston they’re usually at the end of a long trip, and decide to slack off on discipline and have a drink while oftentimes avoiding sleep.

Obviously, this course of action can only lead the way to a seriously catastrophic event in which lives can be lost. The last thing anyone needs in their day is to be out on the hot Texas payment dealing with the aftermath of a deadly Texas trucking accident.

Moral of the Story

Be careful when driving in Texas, especially when heading down to Galveston.

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