Houston Truckers & DWI: A Deadly Combination

If you’re a professional commercial driver or trucker and are accused of DWI, not only is your economic future on the line but your freedom as well. When a truck driver is arrested for Driving While Intoxicated their concerns are escalated beyond that of the average DWI suspect. For starters, most truckers drive vehicles which are in excess of 10 tons, which means that any auto accident could result in death or grave injuries.

Whether you were arrested for DWI during the course of business or while in your personal vehicle, securing legal representation and beating the DWI charge will not only save your freedom, but it could also give you a leg to stand on in the fight for your job.

RESOURCE: Texas Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics

If you’re looking for a DWI lawyer in Houston for truckers and truck drivers, we recommend that you contact the top rated lawyer in the following video.

After an arrest for DWI, truck drivers will face prosecution for a misdemeanor or a felony depending on their criminal history, previous DWI cases if any, and will lose their driver license. For this reason, retaining the most qualified attorney you can find is paramount. I’ve always believed that people were entitled to a second chance after a mistake, and the courts feel this way too in most cases, granted that no one was killed.

Commercial DWI charges are serious matters. If you’re in a situation like this and see your future threatened, contact a criminal law attorney as soon as possible. Having the right lawyer on the case could make all the difference in the world.

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